Alpha Automation manufactures Intermittent Operating Life (IOL) Test Systems for power MOSFETs, IGBTs and Rectifiers.

The IOL40T family is used for IOL tests for MOSFETs and IGBTs and is available with several different device socket options. With the IOL40T the test device is operated in the linear range for a period of typically 30 to 200 seconds with the power dissipation of the die being used to heat the test device to typically 125°C to 150°C. The test device is then powered off and cooled with fan forced air again for 30 to 200 seconds returning the test device to ambient temperature. The cycle is repeated several thousand times. Test device currents, heating and cooling time and total number of cycles are user programmable, with test power provided by an external DC power supply.

IOL40T-FMC06 with edge finger socket for test device coupons.

The IOL40TA01 has the ability to measure the forward voltage of the reverse drain source body diode with 10 microseconds of the conclusion of the heating part of the test cycle allowing greater insight into actual die temperature.

For power rectifiers the forward voltage of the test device is used to provide heating, requiring the use higher test currents. Systems are available with current ratings up to 30 Amps to provide heating for Silicon Carbide devices.

IOL40R with 30A device sockets.