About Alpha Automation Inc.

Since 1986 Alpha Automation has been engineering and manufacturing unique electronic instruments, controls and precision mechanisms across a wide range of applications worldwide. Our clients typically fall into three categories:

  1. Manufacturers needing a specialized piece of production or test equipment tailored to their process and product not readily available as a standard product from equipment supplies.
  2. Organizations wishing to develop their ideas into a product without adding to or creating an engineering department of their own
  3. Companies needing to supplement their in house engineers during times of peak demand or where they lack required expertise.

Most of our clients prefer not to be bogged down with the details of engineering and manufacturing, They rather present us with technical and marketing specifications, and allow us to apply the appropriate technologies to achieve the desired results. We can also relieve the client of the intricacies of the manufacturing by producing smaller quantities in house, or performing a complete technology transfer to one of our (or their) volume manufacturing partners.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your engineering needs and how we can work together. There is never a fee for discussion and review of specifications and wish lists, written or verbal. Typical starting point is to for us to execute a non-disclosure agreement supplied by your organization, followed by a phone call or site visit. Our facility in Ewing Township, New Jersey is always open for your inspection.


In the course of our work we apply techniques and technology that we are comfortable with, and know how to apply cost effectively. These include:

  1. Embedded control systems based on Microchip Corporation PIC family processors and industrial class ruggedized PCs.
  2. Printed circuit boards with surface mount and through hole technology.
  3. SolidWorks for 3D design, OrCad for schematic capture and PCB layout.

Since being founded by Paul Bamburak in 1986, Alpha Automation has been serving clients worldwide from its facilities in Ewing Township (Trenton) New Jersey.

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